Recipe re-do

Did you ever see a show with a recipe that sounds just great, but it is off limits?  I enjoy watching cooking shows. They make wonderful presentations. Some are old school styles, some are based on a region or a country. Some are focused on the science behind it all. 9 times out of 10, the final product is tainted.

Food allergies and food intolerances are coming to the forefront of media conversation. This is a good thing. People need to be more aware of the reason their body does what it does in response to what you feed it. We have become a society of quick fixes, which typically includes a pill to make everything better. More often than not, this won't fix the real problem, but masque the symptoms and fool you into believing you are ok.

Not that long ago, this was a picture of what people thought of when they thought of food.

Industry saw the opportunity to lighten the load in the kitchen. Canned foods, instant foods, tv dinners, prepackaged foods, preserved foods, processed foods. Before you knew it, meals were overrun with unnatural ingredients and we all got used to it. Now, we are finally coming around to how good real food is, both in taste and in health.

Since awareness is rising, many GF products are available in the markets. Farm markets are all over thte place. Gardening is becoming more popular. People have options!

While I watch cooking shows, I take the recipes that are close enough to being easy and GF, and make them GF. Swapping out the big offenders, most of the time it is pasta, and our dinner table is livened up with new tastes.

Get creative and try it for yourself. See what you come up with.

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