Newfound Land and a Challenge

No, not the country! I'm referring to the land of eating clean. A handful of years ago, my DH and I starting searching for ways to eat healthier. We had side effects that didn't seem right and knew we needed to improve our diet. So began the journey to find a way that would work best for us.

Here's my challenge to you. Want to try an eye-opening experience? It won't cost anything. It will show you something about your eating habits. Take a piece of paper, any paper will do - notebook, sticky note, used envelope out of the trash can - and write down what you eat and drink for one day. Anybody can do something like this for one day. If you are so inclined, try doing it for more than one day.

Why bother writing it out? It will give you a snapshot of what your fearfully and wonderfully made digestive system is having to process for you. It will show you how much meat you eat, how much water you drink, how many vegetables you avoid, what kind of cravings you are addicted to. I'm not suggesting this for calorie counting. This is just a means to begin to know thyself and to be open to something new. Will you take the challenge?

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