The Deal

Almost as long as I can remember, my sister was really skinny. Some of you know what I'm talking about. This isn't perceived as a bad thing. Skinny has appeal. But when her physique landed her in the hospital, we all wanted answers. She was gluten intolerant. Come to find out, almost half of the people in my family are.

I am not an author, a doctor or a chef. I am just a regular person who wants to live a healthy life. I have not been diagnosed by anyone other than myself. I have done some reading and experimenting with my food and have found good results. I just want to share things that I do in my gluten free journey. My discoveries, recipes, thoughts, disappointments, struggles, shopping tips, successes. If I am going to do something, I need it to be simple! This site is a collection of GF done easy! Hopefully, something here will help someone out there.

So what is the deal with a Gluten Free diet? For my sister, it was a matter of life. For me, it's a choice. What is it for you?

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