When we decided to try GF, I started to think that our menu was going to be limited and boring. I thought about how flour is in alot of things! Bread is out. No pancakes, cookies, pies... and forget about Italian food!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is tasty pasta made for GF'ers. Fortunately, my sister had already tried many of them and told me and saved me from gagging on the mushy or funny tasting ones. The one she liked best was Tinkyada.

This stuff does not have false advertising on it. It is really good! You can put it in some boiling water and cook it for a minute or two and then cut the heat, cover it and let it sit for 18-20 minutes in the hot water to finish cooking. Can you say, "Energy saver!"?

I have made macaroni salad with tuna, mac-n-cheese, goulash, ziti with meat sauce, lasagne. Does that sound like I am missing out on Italian? Doesn't sound like it to me!

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