The regular old grocery stores

...are starting to carry more gluten free things. Have you noticed? I think Hannaford was one of the groundbreakers when it came to stocking the shelves with what we want. Price Chopper wasn't far behind them. Thank you, mega marts, for giving people with food sensitivity a place in the store!

About a month ago, I was meandering down the snack isle in Walmart, and glanced over at what I thought was a new place for salsa, and saw rice flour. Then I saw more flours and then saw GF noodles, and then found GF cookies and dessert mixes. At the point of holding back a tear, I immediately found Pamela's Pecan Sandies cookies and Midel Gingersnaps. Joy! I hear that Betty Crocker was going to release some dessert mixes, but I haven't found them yet. Believe me, I won't stop looking!

I suppose it isn't the fact that there are more places to buy "our" groceries that matters most to me. It is the notion that food sensitivity is being taken seriously enough by the stores. I hope this trend continues. We need it!

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  1. Just saw a Betty Crocker GF cake mix at Price Chopper today.
    Also, Chex now has 5 GF cereals - the cinnamon chex is great!! Best price is at Walmart.