Feeling Good

The E2 Challenge has me bringing my own lunches to work instead of going to the drive thru. It has me doing extensive menu planning and grocery shopping accordingly. It has drastically changed the contents of my fridge. My kitchen stove and countertops are less sticky. 

All in all, I feel good. I feel healthy. I get weird cravings, like for a boston creme donut, or a hot apple pie, or a bag of greasy corn chips. But I have let those urges go as the thoughts of how good stuff is so much better than that. I am worth investing goodness and health into my body, not sugar and grease. A ripe pear, or a handful of homemade granola, or a bowl of popcorn is so much more satisfying. 

In the raging flu season, I've stayed well. (Knock) So far, I've felt no symptoms of bronchitis, which is usually an annual event for me at this time of year. (Knock) I believe my energy level has improved. I seem to feel less groggy in the morning when I have to get up. 

If you are curious about eating this way, give it a try. Start out as a cadet for a while. Even at that level, you'll feel good. Try the recipes. They're delicious! Make your own meals so you know what's in them. Take charge of your life towards healthiness. It's worth it!  #E2Challenge 

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