I've never considered myself to be a morning person. As long as I can remember, I resisted getting up early, no matter how long I slept for the night. In my teen years, many days my father would have to come into my room after my alarm went off (and snoozed a few times) to get me up and at 'em so I wouldn't miss the bus to school. And it rolled up to our driveway at 6:55! In my last year of high school, I missed the graduation rehearsal session after over-sleeping and turning off my alarm that day. No one was home to make sure I was up in time. 

There was one week, after recovering from a severe gastrointestinal virus, that I remember having so much energy, I didn't know what to do with myself. I would wake up early feeling well rested and ready to go. It seemed odd. Maybe that is what it feels like for other people who are morning types. Unfortunately, it only lasted a week, then it was no longer the norm but a once in a while thing again. 

As I get older, naps on weekends are  becoming a habit too. I find I want to sleep after lunch. I would guess that is food related. Kinda like wanting to sleep after that last slice of pie on Thanksgiving day. I took a long nap Saturday afternoon. Longer than usual. I justify it by telling myself, "I must have needed that." 

It will be interesting to see whether or not my "morning person" light switch comes on while doing this challenge. Or if it will eliminate the need for naps. It would be nice if if did! Energy is good!

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